Meal Requirements

USDA Meal Requirements

There are two categories of meal requirements:

A maximum of three meals may be claimed per child, each day.  If three meals are claimed, one must be a snack.

The following meals can be claimed on the CACFP:

For children 1-12 years old
CACFP Creditable Food Guide (PDF)

For infants 0-12 months old
Please contact the SENDCAA CACFP office
Phone: (701) 232-2452
Toll-Free: (800) 726-7960

For Children with Food Allergies/Intolerances or for Parents Requesting Non-Dairy Milk Substitutes
Eating/Feeding Disability or Food Allergy/Intolerance (PDF)
Lifestyle Choices: Non-Dairy Milk Substitutes (PDF)