At-Home Training

These at-home training modules are FREE to all participating SENDCAA child care providers and count towards your licensing credit hours!

Growing Futures approved!

Clicking on the topic will give you the module and quiz. You may print out the PDF and send it to our office upon completion. You also have the choice to submit your answers electronically by clicking on "quiz" next to the chosen topic. At the end of each month, providers that have completed any quizzes will be sent a certificate(s) and their name will be sent to Growing Futures. 

Classics from the Cupboard: 2017 CACFP Calendar

Training deadline is December 31, 2017.


Healthy Habits Module

Quiz (1 training hour)

Business Records Module

Quiz (1 training hour)

Best Practices Module

Quiz (1 training hour)

Parent Connection Module

Quiz (1 training hour)

Top 4 Discussions of a Successful Childcare Module

Quiz (2 training hours)